Instill Invaluable ONTAP Data Management Knowledge by Providing NetApp Training to your Data Management Teams


Instill Invaluable ONTAP Data Management Knowledge by Providing NetApp Training to your Data Management Teams

Data storage has expanded at incredible rates in the last few years, and there's no stopping to how data will be processed, analyzed, and used in the future for making major business decisions. This is evidenced as data storage companies, such as NetApp, are becoming so successful. In larger firms, the growth and collection of data are becoming unmanageable. Also, enterprises are struggling with the idea of dealing with server sprawl. And on top of that, it's hard to ignore the prevailing environmental concerns as organizations are running out of cooling and power required for data center management.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency report, the increase in the power consumption due to data centers across the United States is alarming. It has doubled since and is expected to grow exponentially in the future as well. This becomes another reason why there's a high demand for data storage around the country. Thus, more and more enterprises are looking for effective solutions to keep up with data storage and its increasing demand.  

ONTAP Data Management for Enterprises

One of the most prominent solutions for the problem is to implement ONTAP data management. This is a cost-effective method to store a larger volume of data without increasing cooling costs or cutting down power. Moreover, a number of different organizations are using virtualized server infrastructure to make the most out of ONTAP data management. But if you are looking for maximum benefits of the data management solution, NetApp training is the solution.

NetApp training ensures your employees are aware of the large volume of data and its storage needs. Moreover, they are after a package, which doesn't only offer data storage but also proper data management needs. NetApp training is the answer for all. By working with NetApp, it has now become possible for enterprises to store more data in lesser space. This does not only help save on storage budget, but also data security because NetApp environment promises to keep the data safe. NetApp is the ultimate solution if you want to simplify your data infrastructure without compromising on the management aspect.

Here's what ONTAP data management can offer:

Deep Cloud Integration

For organizations that are running a hybrid cloud environment, the NetApp data management solution is still a very valid option. In fact, ONTAP allows easy data management across the hybrid cloud without any hassle. The benefits include:

  • Automating the tiering process of the raw data to the cloud - both private and public.
  • The ONTAP data management features can seamlessly run in the cloud.
  • Easy-moving data across leading cloud vendors and on-premises environments.
  • Deep cloud integration feature enabling the ONTAP data management system to manage and monitor enterprise data across the hybrid cloud.

Boost Performance

When an organization is struggling with data storage and management, it tends to have an impact on the overall storage operations. This could increase the workload and affect the efficiency of the data center system.

The ONTAP data management allows flash-optimized performance and enables you to achieve:

  • Consistently low latency levels.
  • High-performance delivery.
  • Clone copies, provision capacity, data protection
  • Increase speed for critical workloads using the world-class NVMe capabilities
  • Increase development and test process by also increase storage-utilization rates


Businesses are constantly changing, and so are the processes. To keep up with the changing requirements, it is important to implement a system that offers flexibility. This ensures the business responds to the change with ease, even in the future. This is achieved by scaling up the performance and capacity, deploying different kinds of workload – in the cloud, on commodity hardware, or engineered systems and unifying data management process throughout the storage environment – cloud, disk, flash.

Cost Effectiveness

ONTAP has a new feature on inline data compaction technology. This helps reduce flash costs by dividing the transactions into multiple smaller data within 4k block boundaries, delivering thrice as much storage efficiency as any other storage management system. Moreover, the FlashAdvantage 3-4-5 program for data reduction is also based on the inline data compaction feature. This further makes the all-flash arrays highly cost-effective when compared to drive-based systems. As a result, it allows the business to expand on the cost-effectiveness of the data storage system and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Meets the Range of Needs

As compared to other storage operating systems, ONTAP meets a much wider range of requirements and needs of an enterprise. While competitors offer storage silos to keep your data, implementing invaluable ONTAP data management system allows users to manage their data from different platforms. This provides them with the maximum control of their data centers. The data management can be carried out across cloud, disk resources, and flash with common tools for objects, files, and blocks.

Disaster Recovery, Backup, and Compliance

In addition to offering you a huge storage capacity and other management features, ONTAP also helps accelerate your back and recovery. Use the platform to protect against site disasters and other information security threats with integrated world-class data protection technologies.

As far as disaster recovery and backup are concerned, you can expect:

  • WORM file locking system
  • Unified replication for backup and DR
  • High-speed Snapshot copies for regular recovery


ONTAP features simplicity to keep disruption out as the business require regular change. With ONTAP data management upgrades, services, and scale are a snap! ONTAP allows enterprises to perform non-disruptive upgrades and maintenance to the existing data center. It also helps them to access and store massive scale files into a single storage pool. The performance and load balancing features are also automated to provide maximum relief and benefits to the user.

While you can totally rely on the amazing features and benefits ONTAP data management has to offer, acquiring the required knowledge for maximum results is only possible with NetApp training and certification. Provide your data management with the most reliable and upgraded training by contacting us now!

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