Leverage Next-Gen Hybrid Cloud Data Storage Solutions with NetApp Training and Certification


Leverage Next-Gen Hybrid Cloud Data Storage Solutions with NetApp Training and Certification

In simple words, a hybrid cloud is a mixture of services, storage, and computing environment comprising of on-premise architecture, a public, and a private cloud service, allowing communication between all these platforms. Making using of in-house, public, and private cloud computing methods to manage your data centers mean that you are using a hybrid cloud environment. With each passing day more and more businesses are adopting hybrid cloud computing method to stay ahead of their competition and keeping their data centers up-to-date. There a number of benefits of deploying this method in your firm, some of which are mentioned below:

Greater Sense of Flexibility

Since hybrid cloud data storage method is a combination of the public and private cloud system, it allows you to have dedicated hardware to handle your most critical data, while taking advantages of a public cloud's scalability and cost efficiency at the same time. Using a private cloud for all your data needs may give you better protection, but the truth of the matter is that not all data is sensitive in nature and maintaining such huge amount of data on a private cloud can cost you a lot. Hence, not only does a hybrid cloud system helps you with cutting your costs but it also helps you in managing your data more efficiently and making it easy for you to manage critical data.

Improved Protection

With hybrid cloud data storage, you can protect your customer's valuable data more efficiently. You can store sensitive data on completely dedicated servers while using a public platform to run your front-end software and applications. This method helps you achieve a secure, seamless and agile environment.

Cost Efficient

Running and maintaining a private cloud can be very costly for two reasons; one, it requires a lot of investment in hardware equipment and two, you need to hire a lot of staff for managing all that data. Whereas, a hybrid cloud system helps you reduce your cost of ownership and capital expenditure.

Increase Reliability

Your overall data management will become more reliable with a hybrid cloud storage model. With your data intelligently separated and managed between private and public platforms, you will be better able to handle and protect your end user's information. Not only this but your services will become more reliable because your operations will be distributed over multiple storage systems which will help you with managing and reducing your downtime.

Keeping Up with The Future

To make sure that your business is running with the big guys in the future you need to adopt a hybrid cloud storage system in your IT architecture. One of the major reason why you should introduce a hybrid cloud in your business structure is to avail the liberty and flexibility it has to offer to test your strength and capabilities. Hybrid cloud also saves you the hassle of investing a large sum of money up front to maintain and manage your private, in-house cloud.

How Can NetApp Services and Solutions Help You With Setting Up Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure?

With the recent surge in digital innovation, businesses need to keep digital transformation at the top of their plans for adapting to the innovation. Business leaders globally are looking for new methods to harness their most important and critical assets—data. Budget gaps, skills and time restrictions are some of the fundamental challenges faced by businesses today. Not only that but enterprises also have to deal with exploding amounts of data that is becoming increasingly diverse, dynamic, and distributed.

NetApp's latest innovations help businesses in overcoming barriers in transitioning by facilitating them to unify their operations across a wide array of on-premise and cloud environments. When you treat data as the core of your business transformation, you are empowered and enabled to not only create more touch points to reach your customers, but you are also able to optimize operations and give way to greater innovation. NetApp services also help you deploy and create an infrastructure that best suits your business needs. Not only does it help you with managing your data centers, but these services also help you in improving your monetization and applications and software development.

Before deploying a hybrid cloud system in your business, it is absolutely imperative that you calculate your businesses data storage needs. You need to know how much you will have to invest on-premise and also on maintaining a public cloud, what data will you manage on a private cloud and what applications and software you will run on your public cloud. NetApp will help you find the answers to all these questions and more and help you make the best use of all their services while saving costs.

How Can NetApp Training and Certification Help You with Managing Your Hybrid Cloud Environment?

NetApp not only creates systems that will help your business evolve but it also provides training and certifications to help you and your staff adopting Hybrid cloud and other NetApp systems in your IT infrastructure without any difficulty. Individuals with NetApp training and certifications such as ONTAP SAN and Data Protection Administration; are certified in hybrid cloud and have a solid fundamental understanding of NetApp data storage systems. NetApp training and certification also makes them proficient not only in data storage systems but also in a number of other technologies and products that are specifically designed by NetApp to deal with today's innovative and evolving hybrid cloud environment.

IT technicians and software engineers with NetApp training have an in-depth understanding of data management and storage, both in hybrid cloud infrastructure and on-premise. Not only this but they also have comprehensive knowledge of NetApp technologies and products that you can employ in your business to efficiently manage and store your data in a cloud. NetApp training will also help your staff in maximizing the usage and efficiency of unstructured data.

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