Advantages of ONTAP SAN And Why Organizations Need It


Advantages of ONTAP SAN And Why Organizations Need It

SAN (Storage Area Network) is the solution that you have been looking for the storage need of your organization. SAN works by consolidating all your organization's data into one storage space. This solution works with a collection of storage drives that run on a WAN or a LAN network. One of the major advantages of using SAN is that in case of data loss on one of the disks, SAN system will be able to rebuild data from the broken disk onto another disk with the help of the RAID technology. This is just one of the benefits that you will get by employing SAN in your organization.

Advantages of Adopting SAN

Improve Disk Utilization

The basic benefit of using SAN in your organization is that it helps with improved disk utilization. With the help of SAN, your data will be stored in a very centralized manner which will allow everything to be handled as a single unit. It gives you the advantage of being able to slice up different segments in a storage disk and assign those spaces to various server applications available on a network. In the absence of SAN, you will have to buy multiple disks for different applications and then having to stick them in an expensive server. This will drive your costs up and also cause wastage of storage space because all the applications may not need all that space all the time.

Quicker Disaster Recovery

If your business model is such that you have servers which have to up and running at all times, then you need to have a system in place that allows data continuity which can act as a backup as soon as a server goes down. If such is the case, then SAN has DR solutions that are the perfect solution for you. Since the duration of downtime in critical in such organizations, SAN will help you in reducing that downtime to the minimum level which will help you in restoring your network without the end user getting affected by the downtime.

Improve Application Availability

SAN is a perfect storage medium for applications that require high availability. There may be instances when an application might fail due to some software/hardware fault or data corruption, but SAN has algorithms in place that are set on a peak to guarantee data consistency.

Reduction in Backup Time

SAN solutions need to be employed by an organization if creating backup take a lot of time. SAN allows you to have a data copy or a duplicate in no time. These duplicates will function as a source to back up all your data to the library and also serve as a backup for your records.

Easy and Simple

SAN will help your IT team manage their workloads easily and quickly. It has tools that also help with data management and protections across your entire infrastructure. It will also free your IT administrators from performing tedious tasks and focus on developing high quality of products.

Adopting ONTAP

On the other hand, we have ONTAP, which is one of the data storage systems that will help you employ SAN in your organization. However, it has its own set of benefits that organizations can gain. NetApp training allows you to implement ONTAP and SAN in your organization to reap its innumerable benefits. Some of the advantages of ONTAP are:


ONTAP gives your organization a lot of flexibility in terms of your data storage requirements. Business needs are constantly changing with an ever-evolving technology, which demands that businesses have a system in place that can adapt quickly to any and all changes. ONTAP will give your organization a platform to operate at a high level of performance without any interruptions.


ONTAP is a simple system to adopt and use. With it, your business can achieve immediate scalability, upgrades, and services. Like SAN, ONTAP will also allow you to store a large number of files on one disk which will be very easy to manage and access. With needless complexity out of your way, you will be able to manage your business more efficiently.  


ONTAP will help you avoid and unauthorized access to your data. It will allow you to implement data security protocols across hybrid data cloud. It will also help you in optimizing performance in mutual data environments.

New Features

ONTAP's recent upgrade has a lot of enhancements that allow running SAN smoothly on an ONTAP environment. ONTAP is NetApp's operating systems which can be used for a variety of disk arrays. It can also be used to employ other tools offered by NetApp such as AFF, FAS, and SAN to name a few.

NetApp training and certification

ONTAP and SAN are both NetApp tools that your organization needs to keep with the technological advancement in the IT industry. These systems are simple and flexible that helps you in easily implementing them in your organization and hiring staff with NetApp training will make this process easier. Gone are the days when you could sit back and take your time in catching up with the latest developments. Now waiting for months or even weeks can result in a major setback for your business. This is the reason why you need to have systems in place that can change rapidly with the changing IT environment.


NetApp tools and NetApp training does not only allow you to adapt rapidly to the changes, but it also allows you to do it efficiently and effectively. NetApp certification will give your staff the confidence that they need to implement new tools to your data storage infrastructure. It will give them the confidence needed to deal with any calamity which causes any sort of downtime. They will have appropriate training to deal with any set back quickly and efficiently in such a way that the end user stays unaffected and unaware.

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