Which Networking Certification is Right For You?


Which Networking Certification is Right For You?

The IT industry is built around certifications and work experience. Unlike other disciplines, it doesn’t emphasize on traditional degrees. Instead, the industry looks for people that have specialized certifications in different domains. This means that a candidate who has undertaken a cisco networking course may just be as suitable for a job as a candidate with a degree in computer science.

Professional certifications in computing technology are awarded to those who study under a certifying authority and clear the final test. Qualification can include completing a course, achieving a certain grade in an examination. A certification tells a prospective employer that you are qualified to hold a specific position within a vertical.

Advantages of holding a professional network certification:

1. Getting A Job

Having a professional IT certification would give you a competitive edge when the company’s HR glances through your resume. Having a certain certification can make you an automatic choice to fill a particular position. In fact, when two equally qualified candidates are vying for the same job, the candidate having a professional certification always has an edge over the others.

2. Keeping A Job

Becomig a lifelong learner and having professional certifications to show for it will allow you to excel at your job, constantly get new job offers, and making sure you are not replaced. Having a certification makes it clear that you are ready to add to your existing set of skills which, in turn, benefits both you and your employer.

3. It Adds Significantly To A Person’s Credibility

Earning a set of certifications provides a job seeker a considerable amount of professional credibility. Having earned a professional certification demonstrates your dedication to professional development.

4. While Getting Promoted

If you want to rise through the ranks or into a better-paying job within your organization, then you’d certainly need to learn a new set of skills in order to move up the ladder.  This is where a set of professional certifications can help you immensely during promotional cycles.

5. It’s A Personal Milestone For Many

Many of us set a personal benchmark in pursuit of which we require to earn a professional IT certification. It instills a feeling of achieving something not many have been able to achieve.

These are the various IT certifications you can choose from:

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

It is suitable for those who want to be recognized in the world of Microsoft Technologies. Having an MCSE certification can help you get noticed for possessing the required technical skills to manage the complicated roles you may come across at MS Technologies. MCSE certified professionals are expected to solve complicated problems using innovative solutions. A professional possessing a certification in a Private Cloud earns nearly US$ 100,000 annually.

Presently, The Following MCSE Certification Paths Are Available:

  • MCSE: Mobility
  • MCSE: Productivity
  • MCSE: Cloud Platform and infrastructure
  • MCSE: business applications
  • MCSE: Data Analytics and Management
  • MCSE: Private Cloud

Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA)

An RHCA is a certified engineer attainins Red Hat’s highest level of certification by clearing a set of five exams. If a professional clears more than five exams either beyond RHCE or RHCJD, he’d reach an elevated level (RHCA Level II). The same status would be showcased on the verification page as well. It requires time, hard work, and consistent effort. A certified Red Hat Certified Architect specializing in System Administration earns an annual remuneration of nearly US$ 110,000

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)

It is tailor-made of those professionals who aspire to become Senior- level Network Engineers. They are responsible for troubleshooting several complex tasks related to complicated and converged networks within enterprises. It is a high-level certification that recognizes and validates the technical prowess a professional must possess in order to troubleshoot various complicated networks. A Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert also helps improve user productivity and business agility. A certified Cisco Internetwork Expert earns an annual salary of more than $90,000.


  • Students need to possess basic computer literacy
  • They should also have navigation skills to navigate through the Operating System of the PC
  • Basic internet-related skills come as an added plus

All candidates who wish to undertake a cisco networking course can enroll for it with QuickStart. It is a great opportunity for all those aspiring to make a mark for themselves in the IT sector. 

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