6 Real-world Applications of Microsoft Azure Training for Progressive Enterprises


6 Real-world Applications of Microsoft Azure Training for Progressive Enterprises

Businesses these days have very valid concerns about migrating their applications and systems to the cloud. They have fears about network availability and security, and there’s nothing like the terror of potential downtime to scare decision makers into doing nothing at all! And these fears are pretty much legit. Not all businesses that move to the cloud are successful. It requires proper planning, and most importantly, proper strategies for organizations to make a progressive move with cloud implementation. 

And if these are the fears you have been dealing with too, enter Microsoft Azure. It is the industry leader in providing a cloud-based architecture. Microsoft-powered Azure training and certifications such as Azure fundamentals and Developing Azure solutions, shows progressive enterprises a way to reign in the power of this world-class cloud, or hybrid cloud solution. In fact, with the right certification, you can get full and actionable visibility into your cloud metrics and logs so your enterprise can react quickly to changes and opportunities.

More about Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has created Azure by leveraging its powerful global network of data centers. It is a cloud-based platform for building, deploying and managing services and apps from absolutely anywhere in the world. Azure lets you add cloud capabilities to an existing network using its platform as a PaaS (Platform as a Service). Or you can just entrust Microsoft with all of your networking needs with its IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model. Both of these options have built a positive reputation for providing secure and reliable access to cloud-hosted data.

MS Azure offers a vast array of products and services that complement Microsoft’s proven architecture. These are designed to make it convenient to manage the platform. It is becoming clear for many organizations that Microsoft cloud is indeed the right choice for them.

What can Microsoft Azure Certification Teach?

Azure has rightfully earned the trust of enterprise IT as well as IT professionals. It now forms the architecture for software operations almost all across the business world. Microsoft Azure certification gives network administrators, and other cloud professionals the tools necessary for building a virtual network and delivering services and applications to a global clientele.

Here’s how the teachings of an Azure training are applied in real-world scenarios:

Virtual Machines

Certified professionals can create VMs in a matter of minutes from a range of pre-made templates openly available in the MS and Linux marketplaces. You can very well, create your own tailor-made machines as well. These cloud-based virtual machines can host many applications and any other services, just like they’d reside in your on-premise data center.

SQL databases

SQL relational databases become more accessible to manage as a service under Azure cloud solutions. Trained network admins can save overheads and expenses on hardware and software if they have this skillset.

Azure Active Directory Domain services

The Windows Active Directory is already considered the best in class. But the Azure Active Directory Domain Services are built upon it, to provide you with services made especially for Azure users. This means that it is now possible to remotely manage groups, policy governance, authentication and a lot more. This is how Azure makes it a lot more convenient than other cloud services, to move an existing security structure to the cloud with a few simple clicks.

Application services

Azure training dispenses skills to create and deploy applications that can be accessed from anywhere over the web and are fully compatible with web and portable platforms. Scalable, reliable and secure cloud access, lets you respond faster to the ebb and flow of everyday business decisions. Azure WebApps and Azure Marketplace offer a range of solutions that can help manage the creation, testing, and deployment of web apps that are great business partners. You can also find cloud-ready APIs for popular services like Salesforce and Office 365.

Visual Studio team services

For enterprises that require accelerated development as well as a comprehensive application lifecycle management (ALM) solution, Azure offers the ultimate add-on service of the Visual Studio. With Azure training to back them up, developers can learn how to perform load testing, keep track of code changes, and create applications in real-time while collaborating in Azure. This can simplify the process of development and delivery as evidenced by large and small companies that are interested in building a formidable portfolio.

Safe Storage

Azure Cloud offers enterprises safe and accessible data storage, all thanks to Microsoft’s global infrastructure. Immense scalability and reasonable pricing give huge savings and cost-effective storage.

Azure Training – A Critical Component of IT Strategies

 The scalability and flexibility offered by the Azure are enabling enterprises to realize the practical applications of cloud computing as a comfortable and conversant technology platform. Microsoft Azure supports an expansive cross-section of technologies, comprising numerous operating systems, frameworks, tools, databases, programming languages and devices. Microsoft put together the Azure platform using quite a lot of the same Microsoft products that billions of developers and IT specialists around the world already rely on for their on-premise processes.

Final Word

With Azure, Certification IT professionals can get access to a virtually unlimited resource that offers computing, storage and application development solutions. The cloud can literally set an enterprise free. While an on-premises network has hardware restrictions, Azure lets enterprises extend the network with pooled resources that are more affordable than costly software upgrades in-house.

Under its highly intelligent pricing model, you only pay for the services and solutions that you use. So, if you are setting up an Azure Cloud network on a temporary basis, you can even pay by the hour. Thanks to the Azure Cloud Computing model, over-provisioning has become a thing of the past!

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