How Much Agile Scrum Master Costs


How Much Agile Scrum Master Costs

Launched back in 1993 by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, Scrum is a system that has seen impressive development over a couple of years. Scrum has now become popular in pretty much every association on the planet. Also, to ensure an association joins and amplifies the worth they can acquire from the scrum, there’s an upsurge in demand for scrum masters.

There are a few certification bodies that offer Scrum master certifications and training like and Scrum Alliance, the vast majority of which are broadly acknowledged and are recognized globally. Picking the correct certification can be precarious. Do you want to boost your career with the right certification? However, before that, you should know about the expense in question. This blog will guide you through the costs for Scrum Master certification and will assist you with understanding the subtleties relating to it.

Different Scrum Certifications Costs

1- CSM Certification Cost

Scrum Alliance’s CSM certification is an entry-level certification. It is perhaps the most generally recognized Scrum Masters certification program.

Training Cost: $1000 to $1400

Retake Cost:

  • The initial two attempts are free within 60 days of completion of the course
  • $25 after initial two attempts

Renewal Cost: $100 (Total 20 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) required) after every 2 years

2- PSM Certification Cost

PSM is offered by and it is likewise another very notable and regarded association among industry experts. It offers 3 levels of scrum master certifications: PSM I, PSM II, and PSM III.’s Professional Scrum Master I falls under the category of entry-level certification. The details beneath rattle off the expense necessities of PSM I certification.

Training Cost: $995 to $1,695

Test Cost: $150 for each attempt

Retake Cost: Only members of courses are allowed to take free retakes

Renewal Cost: PSM is valid for good and doesn't need any renewals

3- SAFe® Scrum Master Certification Cost

The certification costs around $995 - $1,295, which incorporates the mandatory course charge too.

Retake Cost: $50 for each attempt

Renewal Cost: $100. Must be renewed by earning at least 10 continuing education hours every year.

Certified Agile Scrum Master Instructor Led Training

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This course will ensure that you gain the exact skills set as discussed before, as well as, it is guaranteed that you gain sufficient understanding of the concepts and skills of the Scrum methodologies and the Agile framework.

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Comparing Scrum Master Certifications from Well-Reputed Organizations

As you keep on assessing certifications and the associations giving them, remember what point you are at inside your profession. For entry-level jobs that require a suitable establishment dependent on Agile and Scrum, numerous specialists for the most part suggest either the CSPO or CSM certification from the Professional Scrum Master I from or Scrum Alliance certification. Commonly these are the most suggested because they are the sorts of certifications numerous HR delegates and recruiting managers to anticipate.

Here is a relative rundown of the best Scrum Masters certifications and courses, alongside insights concerning costs, tests, and training choices.

1- Scrum Alliance

The most notable association for giving entry-level Scrum certifications and the first Scrum-centered group that began everything.

Cost – To get your CSPO or CSM certification, you'll need to go to a two-day instructional class and step through the related exam. CSPO and CSM courses are evaluated somewhere in the range of $1,000 to $2,000 for classes educated by a mainstream teacher, for example, the meetings Jeff Sutherland instructs through his Scrum Inc. organization. Other courses for certifications offered by Scrum Alliance, for example, Certified Scrum Developer (CSD), are costlier and require additional time.

Renewal – CSD, CSPO, and CSM, certifications should be renewed after every 2 years for an expense of $100, however, there is certainly not a proceeding with instruction necessity for these three certifications. On the off chance that you have more than one of these certifications, you can renew them simultaneously.

Different Scrum Alliance certifications have diverse renewal particulars. For instance, to renew a Certified Scrum Professional certification, you should finish 40 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) within the two-year renewal cycle and pay an expense of $250. If appropriate, this expense likewise reestablishes your CSPO, CSD, or potentially CSM certifications.

Strengths and weaknesses – The Scrum Alliance certifications are broadly perceived, which makes a preferred position for individuals who list the association on their LinkedIn profiles or CVs.

Scrum Alliance courses are shown everywhere in the world, and its extensive rundown of educators incorporate a few who come energetically suggested. For instance, Mike Cohn is a fellow benefactor of Scrum Alliance and notable inside the business.

Scrum Alliance has gone through changes in the previous few years in light of the analysis it got concerning how it used to give certifications. Before 2012, Scrum Alliance didn't need certification tests; every individual who went to a two-day course for CSPO or CSM, for instance, naturally got their related certification.

Some industry experts couldn't help contradicting this type of certification since it delivered individuals who didn't pay attention to the certification or courses. Scrum Alliance has tended to these issues by presenting, what they call, "assessment factor," and by requiring course participants to step through an online exam inside 90 days to get the certification.

Individuals likewise have censured the irregularity of materials got in Scrum Alliance courses and stress that the preparation isn't generally however viable as when participants seem to be ready to take the courses educated by the top-level teachers. All things being equal, pundits say Scrum Alliance ought to follow the model set by and normalize their courses.


Even though was established 8 years after Scrum Alliance came into being and has given thousands of fewer certifications if we look at it comparatively, is additionally very notable and regarded among industry experts. Accessible certifications from include: Professional Scrum Product Owner, Scaled Professional Scrum, PSM I, PSM II, and Professional Scrum Foundations.

Cost – PSM I is the entry-level certification offered by You can acquire it in two different ways. Either, you can consider the materials prescribes and pay $150 to take the PSM I test in 60 minutes. Or then again two, you can go for the PSM course, which is straightforwardly connected to two related certifications: PSM I and PSM II.

Settle on a choice about both these certifications ahead of time since it could influence the measure of cash you pay in general. Albeit the PSM I test costs $150, the PSM II test is costlier at $500. On the off chance that you pay for and finish the PSM course (indeed, there is just a single course that covers material for both these tests), you will be given a password to appear for the PSM I test at no additional charge and be qualified to take the PSM II test in $300 which is the discounted price.

The PSM course is recognized in different countries; the cost to go to one of these two-day courses in the U.S. goes from $995 to $1,695. Further developed courses, for example, the three-day Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) course, are costlier.

Renewal – No additional expenses to renew certifications. As indicated by the help part of its site, certifications are long-lasting and don't need any extra renewals.

Strengths and weaknesses – Many inside the business favor the training given by in light of the fact that its courses are normalized to keep up uniform consistency. plans its projects to help you advance from an amateur to an accomplished client during a specific number of years. likewise guarantees clients that all educators train courses by following a similar characterized educational plan for every specific certification so all participants gain proficiency with similar content.

3- Project Management Institute (PMI)

Even though Project Management Institute doesn't offer any specific agile scrum master certifications, however, its PMI-ACP certification is mainstream among Scrum Masters and managers since it covers a few Scrum practices, just as other Agile methodologies.

Cost – The expense to take the test is $435 for members and $495 for non-members. PMI alerts against trifling with the test and prompts, "Paying little mind to your experience and instruction, you should in any case plan enthusiastically for the test. Successful applicants will normally utilize various investigation helps including courses, study groups, and self-study."

Renewal – If you’re a PMI-ACP certification holder then you should procure 30 PDUs including Agile points for renewing the certification after every 2 years.

Strengths and weaknesses – Some Scrum experts value that the PMI-ACP certification considers this present reality experience they as of now have. All things being equal, the essentials for the PMI-ACP certification test are extremely exceptional contrasted with entry-level certification tests for scrum masters.

To appear for the test, 21 contact long stretches of training in Agile practices, just as 2,000 hours of general project insight are required. Notwithstanding the 2,000 hours prerequisite, you should have 1,500 hours of involvement chipping away at Agile project groups or with Agile techniques.

Final Words

We hope this article has answered all your questions, if you still have any queries leave those in the comment section down below.

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