The Best NetApp Training and Certification for Upcoming Enterprise Challenges


The Best NetApp Training and Certification for Upcoming Enterprise Challenges

NetApp offers a number of IT solutions for businesses that you can utilize in your organization to become a trusted IT firm. But to get the most out of NetApp, you need employees with NetApp training and certifications such as ONTAP SAN implementation and Data ONTAP 7 Administration[AR1] . Employees with NetApp certifications will not only be better able to support, manage, and install NetApp infrastructure but they will also help your organization in efficiently managing your services and applications.

If you are still indecisive about whether or not you should hire trained employees worth their money, this might help you. NetApp offers incentives to their partners. How you can take advantage of these incentives as an organization, is pretty simple. As an organization, you have to meet compliance requirements, and the best way to meet these requirements is to either hire NetApp certified employees or to get your current IT team NetApp certified. To take full advantage of these incentives, NetApp requires for you to have a certain number of NetApp certified employees in your organization. In some cases, these incentives might even cover the cost of NetApp training, depending on the type of specialization and certifications that you are looking for.

NetApp offers a wide range of training and certifications that you can choose from. These certifications will help you gain relevant and specialized knowledge that you need to cater to your clients' needs. Whether you need employees for implementation, installation, or administration, NetApp has certifications relating to all these areas. Hence, you can hire employees with NetApp training for any of these roles. These certifications and training will not only increase your organization's efficiency, but they will also help you understand and better serve your customers.

Important NetApp Certifications

Following is some quick information about some of the most popular NetApp certifications:

NetApp Certified Storage Associate (NCSA)

This certification helps in gaining a basic understanding of storage and data management systems offered by NetApp. They have recently included a hybrid cloud to this certification (NCSA-HA) which will enable you to extend your information and knowledge of data management and storage which you can incorporate in your in-house cloud infrastructure.

NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer (NCIE)

This certification has four different levels of specialization:

  • NCIE Data Protection
  • NCIE-SAN-E-Series
  • NCIE SAN 7-Mode

If you opt for this certification, then you will learn skills in implementing the ISCSI SAN and the Fibre Channel and also integrating various applications and operating systems such as Oracle, DB2, Exchange, and SQL.

NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA)

This certification will help you in honing the skills that you need for in-depth performance management, administrative functions, and support for NetApp storage in CIFS and NFS environments. In this training course, you will also learn how to protect and manage your customer's data using NetApp SnapVault, SnapRestore, and SnapMirror technologies. There are no prerequisites for this course. However, 6 to 12 months of experience of handling multiprotocol environments dealing with implementation and administration makes it easier to better understand the course material.

Support Service Provider (SSC)/Professional Services Certified (PSC)

With this course, you become certified to install NetApp's services on their behalf. This will help you in growing your businesses and increasing your capabilities which will allow you to provide IT support to your customers.

NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer (NCSIE)

This certification is related to the installation of ONTAP environments. To get certified, you should be knowledgeable about all phases of ONTAP such as configuration, setup, lighting, testing, and troubleshooting. This certification is for an NCDA with 6 to 12 months of experience in the relevant field.

NetApp Certified Support Engineer (NCSE)

This certification documents engineer who is capable of providing remote, on-site support for data storage systems running on Data ONTAP OS in multiprotocol environments. Additional skills that are tested are troubleshooting, node configuration, hardware replacement, documentation, and firmware upgrades for NetApp. There are no prerequisites for this course, but it is recommended that you first get NCDA certification and gain 6 to 12 months of experience. Apart from these certifications NetApp also offers a wide range of specializations for their partners. These specializations will help you gain knowledge and information about FlexPod, ONTAP, OnCommand Insight, and a lot of other NetApp solutions and products. You can invest in getting your IT team NetApp certified in areas that you need them to train for, and that will help you in gaining an edge over your competition.

Where to Start?

So many options can be overwhelming, and you might wonder where you should start from. To help you start learning, NetApp has "Learning Maps" that show you specialization pathways that cater to a variety of job roles and your desired level of certification. If you are running an organization and you are looking to get your employees NetApp training than you need to know their level of experience and also the kind of tasks that you want your IT team to perform.


The IT industry is evolving and to keep up with this evolution and innovation and to avoid getting extinct, you need a team of employees that are qualified to face any kind of challenge and who are trained and certified to create better products, software, and applications. Who know how to use data and how to maintain a data storage system. All this will become easy and doable with the right certifications and training that you can get at NetApp University. Have any further questions? Connect with our experts and have them answered.

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