Everything You Need to Know about Microsoft Office 365 Fundamentals


Everything You Need to Know about Microsoft Office 365 Fundamentals

Everyone keeps talking about the new dynamic workplace. A workplace that is responsive, integrated and moving. Corporates planning to expand businesses have one concern, how will they all communicate? Integration and collaboration along with agility do not come with a reduced cost. No customer would wait for three days for an email to be returned. A salesperson operating in a remote area cannot manage to wait for hours to get a response from their manager. It all needs to happen, and it needs to happen in the ‘Now.’

Technology keeps evolving, there was a time when organizations had fewer employees and lesser connections but in today’s world people are connected to more than one network such as contractors, vendors, customers, employees, and employer.

The Dutch energy company, Shell, is an international company with offices in more than 70 countries. They introduced office 365 to provide a foundation for productivity and collaboration. According to Lainie Forde, IT business analyst at Shell, “Office 365 provides a suite of integrated tools.” Shell is a large entity with over 84000 people working under its roof in various regions. Shell needed to modernize its conversation utilizing Office 365 and as Vice President Internal Communications David Harrington says, “they needed to harness the collective power of their global talent.” He further adds, “These communication channels help to drive engagement and productivity to improve customer service and help provide more and cleaner energy solutions. Our top priority is to ensure that all employees are aligned with our strategy and that they understand what their unique contribution is to that strategy.” 

Not Just One Device

It’s no more about having to work on that office computer anymore. It’s evolving, and every employee is tied to at least three devices at a time. One at work, one at home and one in the form of their mobile devices that are with them 24/7 on the go.

Merging Home and Work

Julie Boddy, a business and technology improvement manager, continuously heard it from her colleagues at British Airways that they were so much more productive at home with their own devices. In today’s modernized environment there is no day and no night. Emails are answered at late hours, customers are having conversations at all times. It is basically a merger of home and work. Boddy says that they were looking for a collaborative platform to which their colleagues could willingly adapt to. Boddy mentions, “all these capabilities pointed us to Microsoft Office 365.”

Safeguarding Data

One of the prime objectives of Microsoft is to safeguard your data. At Microsoft, officials are aware that it takes a lot of trust for an entity to share their highly sensitive, important and confidential data and they know how to keep the trust intact. Office 365 operates on the principle of Security Development Lifecycle. As the name suggests, it works into integrating security in all phases of the development process of a business.

Not just that Office 365 allows its customers to customize security as per their needs. Having full visibility of who has access to your data and being able to control who can see what is among the friendliest features of Office 365. Combined with layers of security Office 365 data centers allow access only to authorized personnel and no information can be utilized without the owner’s permission.

Customized Powerful Business Applications

Virgin Atlantic realized their workforce was always on the go and not just that it was too disintegrated. To collaborate and make the workforce available at all times, the airlines decided to provide each employee with a tablet. But having a device just doesn’t do much there had to be apps on it to connect everyone.

Microsoft Office 365 is so user-friendly, that when customized according to the business demands, it offers even more efficiency. The application opens and offers services to a wide range of users across the board. By allowing people to have their own app (as per their individual needs), organizations can tap into the vast potential of its employees and allow them to discover their own solution. Organizations will be able to better explore and create their own apps once their employees gain O365 training.

A Digital Concierge

In times of stress when there’s too much urgency don’t we all wish to find out details without much hassle? Not just that let’s think from the view of an organization that wants to help people but at 2 am in the morning might not be able to guide its customers? Office 365 allows businesses to create systems through which they can communicate and answer to their customers regarding details that may be hard to find out during those tricky times.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital had the aim to help parents during their most stressful times. They did not want their patients to go long without care and their parents’ queries unanswered. With the help of Office 365, they were able to create a digital concierge to do just that. The hospital is known to stand out for their level of service. And that was only possible when the idea of going digital hit them, and they adopted Office 365.


With Office 365, businesses can improve collaboration, expand their networks and serve up to the role of an efficient organization. Getting o365 training does not only add up to the professional development of employees but has led so many professionals to build and integrate their own customized networks into their systems. If you are looking for professional guidance to learn more about Office 365 certification, you can connect with our experts now. 

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