Azure Certification Provides Networking Professionals These 9 Business Advantages


Azure Certification Provides Networking Professionals These 9 Business Advantages

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform developed by Microsoft, which is such a reliable name in the IT industry that more and more organizations are leaning towards shifting to Azure in the future. Today it is one of the most popular cloud computing platform and organizations are using it to manage, deploy and, build innovative cloud applications and services. Its growing popularity is the reason why Microsoft now offers Azure certification so that networking professionals can understand it better to gain the maximum benefits from its offered products and services. The following are the advantages that you can achieve through Azure certification to grow your business in the right direction:


Predicting business growth in this volatile business environment is not easy and predicting when you might require more resources for short and scattered peak data traffic times during the year is even more so. Business growth or increase in other demands over the year that require extra applications and tools to deal with high load is something that every organization experiences.

This might be difficult to handle with any other cloud platform, but the biggest advantage of Microsoft Azure is that you can scale it alongside the growth and occasional surges in your business. One way in which Azure achieves this is by loading all your applications in a cluster and assign a web application to handle a different set of functions and processes. As a result, your applications do not run on a single server which means that you will never have enough server space.


Technology is evolving rapidly which means that your business needs a system that can keep up with the changing technological needs. Azure is not only simple to use, but it is also very adaptable to the changing it scenario. It also offers a host of applications and services that will allow you to customize your cloud management if and when you need to.

Competitive Cost

as mentioned earlier, Microsoft is already a very trusted name in the IT industry which means that a lot of businesses already use products, tools, and services provided by Microsoft which means that they have a huge customer base that has allowed them to offer volume discounts to organizations that adopt Microsoft Azure. Their prices might actually go down more to compete with their competitors. It uses the pay-per-use model so that small businesses do not have to worry about making a huge investment before shifting to cloud computing platforms.

Great Customer Support

Microsoft Azure has now expanded over 19 regions around the world, with several data centers operating in the Asia Pacific, China, US, and Europe. They provide support to their customers in multiple languages and are very responsive to customer's queries and troubles.

Data Insights

Obtaining Azure training and certification such as Azure fundamentals and Developing Azure solutions, will ensure that you can use tools and products offered by Azure to gain valuable business insights that will help you in growing your business by keeping up with the market trends. Azure offers HDinsight product which might sound complicated but is a powerful service that will allow you to analyze and handle your data regardless of the size and complexity of it.

Moreover, it can also be integrated with Microsoft Excel which will allow you to picture your data with a new angle that will allow you to uncover insights which will help you gain a competitive edge.

Reliable and Simple Data Storage

Microsoft allows you to store all kinds of data such as unstructured, unstructured, or file data in a fast and reliable environment. It also allows you to transfer your data between multiple Virtual Machines by using the easy Export/import feature to move data as and when required.


Azure uses Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle, which is a state-of-the0art technology based on developing extremely secure codes designed using tested and proven technology which is being used around the world.

Reliable Backup

Microsoft Azure creates 6 copies of data in two different Microsoft data centers, which ensures 99.9% guarantee of data backup. If you run a web-based organization then staying online is very important for your business because it will help you build trust amongst your users and customers. Azure provides you with a host of contingency plans such as regional/global failover options, rolling reboots, and cold/hot standby options which will play a very important role if you want a stronghold in your industry.


It allows automation which enables you to automate tasks in a cloud environment. It allows you to create workflows named "runbooks" through which you can decrease the time that you need to spend on maintaining and monitoring your resources in your cloud computing platform. Automation also helps you in decreasing the overhead costs which will allow you to focus more on adding value to your business.


In conclusion, if you are a network professional or you run a business that is web-based, then Azure training will help you gain all these benefits from your Azure cloud computing platform. It is one thing to shift to a cloud platform, but it is entirely another thing to be able to make the most of the advantages that cloud computing has to offer. That will only become possible when you learn about cloud computing as much as you can and try to get Cloud certifications that will help you take advantage of all the products, services, and tools that different cloud platforms have to offer.

There are two ways to go about it, either you get certified yourself, or you hire a team with Azure certification. Either way, these certifications will help you gain the maximum benefit and will ensure that your investment does not go to waste in case you fail to reap all the benefits of cloud computing. Switching to the cloud is the need of the day and gaining Azure certification will only make it more beneficial for you and your business.

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