SharePoint 2016 Basics for Beginners


SharePoint 2016 Basics for Beginners

SharePoint is Microsoft's web-based collaborative platform used for file management and sharing of data with team members and colleagues. Different businesses worldwide use SharePoint to store and share their important information to other users through a single location.

SharePoint can be used as a tool for collaboration as well as a platform to maintain and share important documents. You can perform a variety of important business operations and convenient exchange of data through a common platform.

In recent years, SharePoint has been known to become one of the leading collaboration tools for business organizations. The demand for skilled SharePoint power users has also significantly increased in the IT industry as businesses seek the services of such professionals who are familiar with the intricate technical details related to SharePoint.

SharePoint is beneficial for both; individual power users as well as business organizations. Companies can grow their business through SharePoint whereas SharePoint power users can ensure a great career growth. They can use this platform more effectively by SharePoint online power user training.

SharePoint promotes collaboration among its users and its primary goal is to help businesses and employees complete different projects and retain the relevant information in a more organized and efficient manner.

Learning Sharepoint for Beginners

Today, SharePoint is used by a wide range of businesses and industries which makes it a versatile and a must-have skill in your job portfolio.

Professional Advancement

By learning how to use SharePoint, you can get better job opportunities and can also improve collaboration among different members within your organization.

Link with Other Products And Services

Since it is interconnected with other products and services of Microsoft, learning to use SharePoint can help you know more about several other products and services offered by Microsoft.

Utilize Its Versatility

As SharePoint is a versatile tool that can be used in almost every department of an organization, learning SharePoint will be of great help whether you are a part of your company's technical or non-technical staff.

Practice Is Essential

If you are a new SharePoint user or your organization does not use SharePoint as yet, then you might need to keep practicing from time to time to get a good grip on it.

The best way to learn SharePoint is through practice. Like any other software, it is better to first get familiar with its different tools and features. Constant and rigorous practice leads to better management and operation of SharePoint.

Get Enrolled In Online Courses

Apart from practicing yourself, you can also get trained through online SharePoint courses. SharePoint online courses such as SharePoint online power user training can help you become more proficient in the fundamentals of SharePoint in case your organization does not use it currently and you do not have enough practical experience of using it professionally.

Self-Directed Training

Microsoft is continuously updating and launching new tools and features in SharePoint. After learning the fundamentals of it, you can work on to upgrade your skills to become a skilled SharePoint power user. Try to frequently go for self- assessment by trying to prepare advanced security customization, advanced level workflows customization, etc.

Getting accustomed to SharePoint takes time. You need to keep on practicing and practically implementing what you have learned in order to become a skilled SharePoint user.

Moreover, if you are a beginner at SharePoint, then one of the best ways to improve your professional skills is by getting familiar with important terminologies used in SharePoint and by performing simple basic tasks on SharePoint.

Some of these tasks include:

Learning Sharepoint Through Creating Sites

SharePoint can be used as a tool for collaboration as well as a platform to maintain and share important documents. You can perform a variety of important business operations through a single platform.

SharePoint Site helps users to collaborate on various tasks on a single platform. You can simply invite a member of your team to collaborate on a site.

A SharePoint site saves all the data of different users that can be easily viewed and shared by other authorized users. Various team tasks are also available to view in the team site which makes it easier for all team members to remain updated with project deadlines and its current progress.

Once you have created a SharePoint team site, you may easily maintain connectivity with team members by communicating efficiently via the team’s list of emails and monitor and regulate access of users to any site.

SharePoint is interconnected with Office 365. You need to first login to Office 365 to create a team site. By getting an online SharePoint training you can get in-depth knowledge about the Basics of Office 365 and its services as well.

Creating Lists and Libraries And Columns

A SharePoint Site consists of lists and libraries. Every type of data in SharePoint is stored in the form of a list. The list contains several rows. Through learning how to create a SharePoint list, you can have easy access to a variety of advanced tools and features that are not present in any regular Excel spreadsheet. SharePoint lists can be viewed and edited by all authorized members of the site.

SharePoint Libraries, on the other hand, are quite similar to lists. They act as folders that contain all important files present on SharePoint. By learning how to create SharePoint libraries, you can organize your client data by saving every client’s data or project content in a separate folder.

Through SharePoint Columns you can even include important details to your files for categorizing it in the SharePoint lists.

Responsibilities of a Sharepoint Administrator

SharePoint administrators are highly sought-after in the IT market. The job-role and responsibilities of an Administrator can be clearly understood through SharePoint 2016 administration training. Most of the responsibilities of an experienced SharePoint Administrator consist of updating an organization’s SharePoint infrastructure as well as monitoring and managing it.

A SharePoint is ideally also expected to install as well as configure the SharePoint platform and run its services on a daily basis. The Administrator is also required to train and guide users and clients about how to make use of the data and use the SharePoint platform. Occasionally, the Administrator may even oversee the functioning of the SQL server in concurrence with the platform of SharePoint.

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