7 Advantages of Microsoft Azure Development for Modern Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


7 Advantages of Microsoft Azure Development for Modern Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The time when all applications were running from your local system’s hard drive, is long gone. These days, enterprises understand the importance of centralizing management and control. Microsoft Azure is a successful example of how beneficial it can be for modern organizations to host their applications off-site, all thanks to the cloud platform. And with the right Azure training and certification such as Developing Azure solutions and Azure fundamentals; any enterprise can take advantage of his wave of the future. There is no denying the fact that cloud computing is an immensely powerful and now a widely adopted platform. And thanks to tools like Microsoft Azure businesses now have access to critical applications and infrastructure all aboard the cloud. The users can get to these apps and the powerful infrastructure without any added expense of licensure, installation, and maintenance.

And with the right Azure training, the employees and team members can ensure continued delivery of services to all stakeholders at all times. Azure is, after all, the fastest-growing cloud platform out there, and the right Azure training can help users explore its range of options for deploying, developing and managing important business applications. Small and medium-sized businesses can upgrade their position and reputation by taking advantage of these options and leveraging the power of a global datacenter that expands as your business does.

The Azure Development Benefits for SMEs

Microsoft Azure is preferred the world over by businesses in need of PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Microsoft Azure is highly preferred cloud platform for businesses looking for either platform-as-a-service or infrastructure-as-a-service platform. It offers a range of benefits and features that make Microsoft Azure one of the best platforms for cloud computing in the world of business. Here are several reasons why SME pros are turning to Azure:

It Can Be Closely Integrated with Other Microsoft Tools

Many organizations rely on Microsoft tools such as SharePoint, Outlook and Office 365 for their everyday operations. So, it’s just common sense to invest in a cloud platform that integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft products to provide a great experience to all users. Organizations can also continue to use the same virtual machines such as Windows or Linux, of any others they’ve been using in their offices.

MS Azure Has A Reputable Standing

Anyone who’s ever used a computer knows Microsoft. It is one of the most credible brands in the history of computer technology. From Skype to Bing and Xbox, a lot of our modern-day tech is made possible by Microsoft. With Azure training, SMEs can ensure a completely secure and quick deployment of Azure while also ensuring state-of-the-art development statistics.

IaaS and PaaS

As mentioned earlier, MS Azure can be an organization’s gateway into creating the right combination of managed and unmanaged services. With customized software (like Office 365), it is possible to customize your cloud service completely to the exact requirements and specifications, making it easier to build, deploy and develop applications.

Reliability on The Cloud

We also explained earlier that Azure maker, Microsoft has spent decades establishing its dominance in all fields of computer technology. SMEs use Microsoft products on the daily, and there is no denying the trust the company has generated in its data centers. At this time, Microsoft has data centers in 19 regions globally. These boast of 99.9% availability while also providing all users with 24/7/365 tech support and monitoring.

Powerful Analytics and Business Insights

With Azure, businesses get managed SQL and NoSQL data solutions, along with new tools to help uncover key insights from gathered data. Dig deeper and find ways to improve business processes and make better decisions. Organizations may also choose to leverage the power of their SQL server in the cloud, using HDInsight which is a Hadoop-based cloud service. This leads to deeper data analysis and actionable results in real-time.

Ability to Scale on Demand

It can be difficult to predict how quickly a small or medium-sized enterprise will grow. Fast growth, more resources, and higher traffic volume can manifest in the blink of an eye. These variables can put immense load on applications, which most traditional hosts can’t handle. One of the biggest advantages of Azure is that it can scale right alongside your business. It can be managed to auto scale depending on the server loads or a pre-set schedule.

Increased Flexibility

That's exactly what SMEs want in terms of both operations and development. Since IT is a fast-evolving sector, it is important for businesses to turn to hosting solutions that can instantly evolve as per your changing needs. Azure offers a great sense of flexibility in terms of adapting to evolving trends. Moreover, it offers a variety of application building blocks and services, which further enables you to customize the cloud as per your need.


Microsoft works with a gigantic customer base. The platform has been able to pass discounts based on the volume to customers. It is only fair to guess that Azure is only going to become more affordable as competition heats up. Azure does not only allow you to establish hybrid applications but also offers you great customer support services without adding more cost. Unlike other cloud-based platforms, Windows Azure offers you with the ability to establish a suitable and relevant hybrid environment, which allows you to make the most out of the available on-premise resources and to gain benefit from the Azure platform without expensive workarounds.

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