The Most Popular NetApp Training and Certification in 2019 and Beyond


The Most Popular NetApp Training and Certification in 2019 and Beyond

NetApp has managed to secure itself as one of the most prominent names in the unified storage systems available today. The certifications and training under the banner validates your skills and expertise as a professional in the field. The storage system solution counts for a variety of software, hardware, and offer storage management services that are not only advance but relevant to a number of network environment. The best part about NetApp training and certification is its world-wide recognition. Once you have the expertise associated with NetApp under your belt, you will also be highly recognized around the world, with tons of amazing career opportunities in the Information Technology field.

With the certification in hand, you have the proof of possessing all the necessary knowledge and skills required for implementing and managing NetApp technologies. This doesn't not only help you understand and keep up with the changing trends of the industry, but also keeps you in-line and focused towards the organization's goal. The training courses do not only include course-related knowledge but also practical implication of the skills. Moreover, the courses are often taken by professionals in the field, who have a variety of NetApp certifications of their own.

Career Benefits of NetApp Training and Certifications

We have all been looking forward to 2019 as another year  when Information Technology will be celebrated globally. And it's no different than our expectations. Just like how it was in 2018, this year too, IT profession would stay on top of the career list. With IT as your field of profession, you are definitely in the right zone. You can easily setup a profitable, strong IT profession anywhere in the world. With NetApp training and certifications, you can easily grab a lucrative job in an IT firm. These certifications further validate your up-to-date knowledge related to the field.

NetApp promises to deliver only the best and most upgraded skills and information related to the industry. Therefore, it is natural for you to have maximum knowledge and skills on NetApp solutions and instruments. NetApp can offer various advantages in terms of career opportunities and growth. It's a profitable professional that can help you achieve your goals. With the help of well-constructed NetApp training and certification such as ONTAP SAN implementation and ONTAP cluster administration; packages, you can easily explore the endless opportunities available for you in the IT corporation world.

Popular NetApp Training and Certifications and Why

Trainings and certifications under NetApp that have proven to be the most popular include NACA (NetApp Licensed Storage Affiliate), NCDA (NetApp Certified Data Administrator), NACP (NetApp Licensed Storage Professional), NAC-NA (NetApp Licensed NetCache Administrator) NAC-NIE (NetApp Licensed NetCache Implementation Engineers), and NACE (NetApp Licensed Skilled).

Let's look at some of these certifications in detail to see why they are popular and so relevant in the IT industry today.

NACA (NetApp Licensed Storage Affiliate)

This certification enables an individual to become more aware of the pricing model. It helps them decide on how to buy data storage depending on the type of capacity required for provisioning of storage infrastructure. This particular certification enables the team to focus on model that delivers flexibility and cost benefits of storage without the support complexity, system integration, and supply chain.

NCDA (NetApp Certified Data Administrator)

NetApp Certified Data Administrator certification offer professionals with proven skills in performing in-depth support, performance management, and administrative functions for data storage controllers for various operating systems. With NCDA NetApp training, the professionals are able to implement high-availability configuration and control. Moreover, the training covers in-depth details and knowledge related to SnapVault, SnapRestore, and SnapMirror technologies. The training further helps the team learn protect and manage mission-critical data.

NCDA certificates are provided to the individuals who successfully pass either of the following:

  • NetApp Certified 7 Mode Data Administrator exam (NSO-155)
  • NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP (NSO-159)

NACP (NetApp Licensed Storage Professional)

The professional training and certification under NACP allows the professional to start your certification path to demonstrate and achieve NetApp storage system proficiency in the data management environment. The individuals are prepared to deal with technologies specifically designed for data management in the cloud market. The professionals are provided with better understanding of tech in data and storage management, both on a hybrid-cloud and on-premise environment. Moreover, it offers the individual with detailed knowledge of NetApp technologies and products used in managing data in the cloud.

The Training Courses

In addition to the certifications, there are popular training courses too. These are generally offered by authorized NetApp partners only. These popular NetApp trainings include NetApp Storage Systems, Architecting Virtualization solutions on Storage, NetApp Storage Basics & Intermediate Training, and NetApp Storage Advanced Training. You can also find the opportunity to get NetApp training on various websites, like us. However, it is best to compare all your options and choose only the best and participate in a training that helps you improve your credentials and step ahead in your career and field. We can guide you in detail about your options. Also, keeping the cost as your determining factor for choosing the right place for training can be a wrong decision. High prices do not always justify better results. Comparing the credentials make more sense.


NetApp certification is the surefire way to take your career to the next level. If you aim to climb higher in your professional journey, NetApp training and certifications can help you get there. Not only having certifications validates your technical skills and NetApp knowledge, but also confirms your professional expertise to deal with the growing demands of the IT industry. Have any further questions? As our experts and get them answered right away.

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