Real-world Microsoft Azure Training for Progressive Enterprises


Real-world Microsoft Azure Training for Progressive Enterprises

Cloud technology indeed has taken the world by storm and while there are a plethora of businesses in various industries who have embraced cloud technology there are also businesses who have valid concerns about adopting the cloud. The most dominant concerns are consistent availability, security framework and fear of network downtimes are enough to stop decision makers in their tracks regarding the cloud. These concerns are legit and not all business is available to transition to cloud successfully.

Proper implementation of cloud technology requires a great deal of planning and furthermore well-placed strategies for progressive enterprises. If you’re at the head of a forward-thinking organization with similar concerns your journey into Microsoft Azure will approach your concerns with real-world solutions and applications. Through Azure training and certifications such as Developing Azure Solutions of your network team, you can instill Azure fundamentals and allow them to create innovative Azure solutions. Become a confident forward-thinking enterprise that leads the way for others to follow with proper Azure cloud implementation or if you prefer, a hybrid solution to bring your enterprise into the new era. With the proper certification, gain a holistic as well as actionable visibility of your cloud logs and metrics so your business can react rapidly to changing industry landscapes and capitalize on opportunities.

About Microsoft Azure

Azure, a brainchild of Microsoft has been designed to leverage immensely powerful network of data centers around the globe. With the platforms inherent ability to build from scratch, develop, deploy and manage apps and services from anywhere around the globe. Add competitive cloud capabilities to your existing business network infrastructure with a PaaS model (Platform as a service). Or you can take the bold step and trust Microsoft to curate and cultivate your network infrastructure through IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) model. With either option, you will have a reputed powerhouse in your arsenal of tools to forward your business into the next generation. In addition to IaaS and PaaS, the Azure platform offers an array of products, tools, and services to cater to your every business objective needs. The primary focus of Azure is to be convenient to manage the enterprise, and more and more businesses are beginning to realize that.

Real-World Microsoft Azure Training

The reliability of the Azure platform is a legendary reputation, it has earned the trust of IT professional and IT enterprises alike. It now has an existing infrastructure for apps and service operations all over the known business world. Azure developer certification provides cloud professionals and network administrators the tools necessary to build and deploy virtual networks and deliver services to clients all over the globe.

Here we will discuss how Azure training is applicable in scenarios we find in the real world.

Virtual Machines

Virtual machines can be created in a matter of minutes by Azure certified professionals, not only from the range of templates available but also a custom virtual machine with configuration parameters that suits your business objectives. These virtual networks can be used in a variety of ways, the most popular of which are hosting apps and services that can be accessible to those who need it from anywhere.

SQL databases

SQL databases and directories of your business can now easily be accessed on demand with the Azure platform. Save a considerable amount of overheads with trained administrators as well as the hardware required to maintain your or premises infrastructure.

Active Directory Services

Azure’s Active Directory service is considered to be the best in the market and built into the Azure platform to provide business with services made especially for the cloud. This means that progressive enterprises can now manage groups, authentication, policy governance and a lot more remotely. This is precisely what makes Azure a lot more convenient than other cloud service providers in the market.

Application services

Azure training will give your networking staff the skills necessary to plan, create and deploy applications will minimum turnaround time. Once live these applications can be accessed from anywhere by either your staff or by user base with a simple login, from the credentials generated by Azure. These credentials you generated can have parameters as well. You can generate them for a single login, multiple login or permanent login, it really depends on who you are sharing your application or services with. In addition, there are several readymade APIs for popular services that can simply be added on to your Azure network and be ready to use, some examples are Office 365 and Salesforce.

Visual Studio services

Progressive enterprises require application lifecycle management (ALMs) and accelerated development solutions so they can remain abreast with the competition to provide a superior level of services. For this purpose, you will find that Azure provides the Visual Studio Add-on. This could be very helpful to organizations, allowing their networking to teams to keep track of any changes made to the code, perform load tests, as well as create Apps in real-time when collaborating using Azure. This simplifies the process of development and deployment tenfold, as can be evidenced by progress medium to large enterprises.

Safe Storage

Among the primary concerns of businesses new to the cloud, is the storage of our data safe? Thanks to the global infrastructure of Azure, you can enjoy safe data storage with multiple layers of securing and accessibility for its owner. Another huge plus is the pay as you go model that offer reasonable pricing and scalability.


Azure practically offers unlimited resources in terms of computing power, development solutions, and storage. An azure certified professional can leverage these resources to provide their employers with a competitive edge over their customers. It will also free up the resources locked in your on-premises infrastructure that is already becoming outdated as it is. Azure’s pricing models, on the other hand, is phenomenal, under its pricing model you get all the features but you only pay for resources you actually utilize within your business. So if you are dead set on implementing azure you can even test it out first by paying by the hour!

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