Storing Enterprise Data on NetApp Systems Has These 3 Real-World Benefits


Storing Enterprise Data on NetApp Systems Has These 3 Real-World Benefits

It is a fact that larger volumes of information and data are being collected today than ever before. There was a time when even big organizations could store all of their data in-house, but in today's day and age, even some of the smaller organizations may find this a laughable prospect. With the growing need for high-quality data storage solutions, you must decide what is the best solution for your organization. Data storage management solutions offered by NetApp have a number of benefits and advantages for enterprises that choose NetApp for their data storage needs, some of which are listed below:

Go Green

If you are an organization that cares about the environment, then NetApp is your answer. They offer machines that are environmentally friendly. Their machines use less power and are effective because they are designed to store larger volumes of data in small space and therefore, require less hardware. Not only will this help you in saving the environment, but it will also help you in saving cost.

Efficient Use of Server Space

Due to the state of the art infrastructure of their machines, NetApp allows you to use your data storage space more efficiently. They achieve this by allowing you to compress data, which not only saves space but also eliminates the need for your organization to switch to a bigger system. Their solutions also have a feature called 'thin provisioning' through which you can allocate a definite amount of server space to a specific application which will ensure that there is no wasted space on your server. This feature also allows you to maintain an unallocated space in your server which is readily available as an when required by an application. In short, this is one of the biggest advantages of using NetApp in your organization.

Top-Notch Data Storage Features

NetApp offers one of the world's best data storage solutions and features that you can employ in your organization to increase your business's efficiency, and also to reduce your overall costs. Following are some of the best features offered by NetApp:

  • Snapshot - By using this feature you will be able to make point-in-time replicas of your data which will only use a very small space in your server. This feature will enable you to keep all the applications and data safe without having any impact on the performance of your enterprise's system.
  • Data duplication - This feature will eliminate any redundancies created in any three areas of data storage and management - archives, backup, and primary storage.
  • Data compression - As mentioned earlier, compressed data uses less disk space. This goes for all kinds of storage tiers such as storage protocols or applications. Data compression means squeezing the data so that it takes less space in your server which means that you will need less space than you might anticipate. This ultimately results in less hardware and low costs.
  • FlexClone - This is the best tool offered by NetApp for testing and development. It will allow you to quickly create virtual machines which will enable faster recovery of data. This cloning technology will save you a lot of storage space by making a number of writable copies.
  • RAID_DP - this technology will save you from risks likes double disk failure which means that your data will be as safe as it can possibly be. Through this NetApp feature, you will be able to accomplish this without any hiccups, bottlenecks, or downtime in your server's performance and without disk mirroring.
  • Thin replication - this feature comes with additional software such as SnapVault and SnapMirror. SnapMirror protects your important data and decreases your need for storage capacity. It is a flexible technology that allows you to replicate your data over Fibre channel, wide area, and local area networks. SnapVault allows you to take regular backups without adding huge amounts of data to your storage space.
  • Virtual Storage Tier - this will make your data more scalable. You will be able to keep track of your performance and capacity while maintaining the highest level of efficiency. This will make optimization a lot simpler.

Importance of NetApp Training

NetApp offers a variety of solutions that you can adopt in your enterprise to become more efficient. But in order to use these applications, software, and features, you need a team of IT individuals that are qualified and proficient of using all these tools to their maximum capacity. To make sure that you have the best team you need to hire individuals with NetApp training and certification. A person with NetApp training and certification such as Data ONTAP SAN Implementation and Designing the FlexPod Solution, will be in a better position to use all these tools in the best possible manner as compared to an employee who is not qualified enough to put these tools to the best use.


NetApp offers one of the best public and private cloud solutions that not only increase your company's efficiency but also meet all the strict compliance regulations. This is the reason why a team of trained staff will help your business and will allow you to reap all the benefits offered by NetApp in real time. They would know all the ins and outs of NetApp storage systems and they will be able to smooth any kinks in the system and will be able to work towards improving and enhancing it. A team of trained individuals will also give you an advantage over your competition in the long run. Connect with our experts and learn more about NetApp training and certification benefits.

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