In order to ensure proper upkeep and operation of computer systems in an office network, it is vital that you look for a system administrator with decent skills in the field. An administrator or a Systems Center Configuration Manager should be able to handle all types of situations and maintain a fully functional computer network at all times. The average salary for a Systems Administrator is $60,084 per year in the United States and a proficient system administrator is worth every penny of this remuneration. The decision makers of a company should test all the relevant skills before hiring for the post of system administrator.

5 Crucial Skills for a System Administrator

Throughout the screening process for the post of system administrator, the following skills should be given the highest priority:  

1. Capability to Work under Pressure and Disaster Planning Abilities

A system administrator's job comes with many responsibilities. Whenever a system goes down, the system administrator’s job can become doubly difficult. He not only has to work and fix the system, he also has to bear the brunt of the blame. Any kind of revenue lost by the company during an outage is attributed to the ineptness of the system administrator. In order to prevent the company from an impending disaster, a system administrator should be proactive and have a disaster plan ready at all times. An ability to think through all the possibilities is an essential trait for a system administrator.

2. Learning and Writing Skills

A system administrator should be open to learning current skills. As an administrator has to deal with new issues, he should be able to get a grasp of all the modern concepts and provide solutions to problems. Besides learning, a system administrator should also be able to write well and should be good at IT documentation. With well-written documents, the task of learning about system related issues become quite easy.

3. Good Interaction Skills

A system administrator has to interact with customers, his juniors, and his superiors in the organization. This makes conversational skills for a system administrator extremely important. Without sound interaction skills, it would become hard for an administrator to coordinate complex tasks.

4. Networking Skills

Networking skills are an important part of the repertoire of a system administrator. The ability to make and keep contacts is vital for a system admin. A system admin has to be in touch with every single stakeholder in an IT infrastructure. Whenever there is an outage or some issues in the system, he needs to reach out to the concerned people in time and provide a fix to the problem.

5. Technical Skills

Technical skills are what make one administrator better than the other. An administrator who keeps upgrading his skill with time can be a great asset for an organization. People who have done certifications like system center config manager are worthy candidates for the profile of system administrator.

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Benefits of Systems Center Configuration Manager

System Center Configuration Manager offers a management console which comprises of an automated set of administrative tools for:

  • - Monitoring health
  • - Deploying software
  • - Protecting data
  • - Enforcing compliance across all devices in an organization

With a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager you can:

  • - Prepare a management infrastructure and integrate mobile-device management with Microsoft Exchange Server
  • - Configure a method for distribution and manage content used for deployments
  • - Maintain software updates for PCs which are managed by Configuration Manager
  • - Configure and monitor hardware and software inventory that utilize Asset Intelligence and software metering
  • - Implement Endpoint Protection
  • - Maintain a Configuration Manager site

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is the perfect tool for a system administrator. Due to its heavy use in most organizations, a system administrator or an aspirant should hone his skill in this software.

Best Training for System Administrators

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