Attain Cisco Certification for Cloud Development of The Future


Attain Cisco Certification for Cloud Development of The Future

The businesses are evolving and changing because of cloud computing. Whether organizations use it to protect and secure data or they use it to store data, cloud computing will help in growing the business and gain benefit from it in many ways. Today businesses are looking for innovative ways that they can utilize to achieve their business objectives and to improve the way they work. When we talk about cloud computing, we see that with the passage of time, businesses realize its importance and the benefits that they can derive from it and therefore they are looking for cloud computing solutions to carry out most of their business activities.

 In today's age, if you are not using cloud computing, then you are already lagging behind. If you want to ensure the growth and success of your business in today's economy, regardless of your niche, then it is about time that you seriously start working towards moving to cloud computing services. Following are some of the trends in cloud computing to give you an idea of how the future is going to be shaped by it:

Increased Storage Space

A huge benefit that you can derive from cloud computing in the future is the storage capacity that cloud will offer to individuals and companies. This growth will be the result of businesses adopting cloud computing to carry out the majority of their business functions. It is being predicted that cloud service providers will bring in more online data centers using equipment with larger storage capacity throughout the next year. According to Cisco's prediction, the storage volume of the cloud will increase two-fold this year. This growth in storage volume will allow business to use the cloud not only to store data but also to carry out analytics using cloud services. To be able to perform analytics on this huge amount of data will help organizations understand their customer's behavior, strategically plan financial investments, and draw conclusions about what their customers need.

Advancement of the Internet of Everything (IoE)

You must have heard this term going around lately, internet of things (IoT). Cloud computing and data analytics and constantly evolving and as a result of that we will hear this buzzword, internet of things, a lot more in 2019. Cloud computing is going to play a crucial role in how IoE grows and develops because of its heavy reliance on the machine to machine connections and communications, processes, data, and the way in which people interact with things in their surroundings. A major trend that we will see in 2019 is how cloud computing will play a critical role in IoE's capacity of simplifying all the future interactions.

Enhanced Internet Quality

The internet is improving each year since its inception, and 2019 will not be an exception as the volume of data being stored and generated increases all over the world. Inter consumers expect nothing less than fast loading and high-speed services and applications and this ever-increasing demand is the reason for enhanced cloud computing and network services. This very expectation is what is going to lead businesses towards updating and upgrading their services and platforms to be more responsive and up-to-date with the needs and expectations of their clients and customers. With the enhancement in the quality of the internet, IoE and IoT industries will improve by deriving benefits from the fast speed network and services and its ability to deliver and receive data will become more efficient and intelligent in real time. 

Solutions Offered by Cloud to Encounter Security Challenges

One of the most prominent trends of cloud computing in the year 2019 will be an increased number of solutions that cloud will offer to deal with challenges faced by data protection. Cyber-attacks are increasing every year, and 2019 will not be an exception, and that is the reason why the cloud is coming up with services and methods to make cloud computing more secure and sophisticated. As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, it is the need of the day that the security protocols become more sophisticated as well in the way they deal with and work on preventing these attacks. In the coming year, the cloud will be able to provide services that will help organizations up their security game by offering next-gen security services.

Cisco and Cloud Computing

Today there is not only one cloud providing service, and applications and developers play a very sensitive role today than ever before. This is the reason why organizations are faced with the challenge of finding the right tools, processes, and people to help them simplify the complexities faced due to a multi-cloud world and innovate faster. Cisco is the answer that organizations are looking for in order to overcome all these challenges and to make things simple. Cisco combines management, analytics, networking, and security to deliver solutions that will help you manage your multi-cloud environment be it from your multiple cloud service provider or on-premise cloud, and from your infrastructure to all your applications and services. Whether your organization uses public, hybrid, private cloud, or a combination of all three, Cisco will enable you to develop a system that works best for your multi-cloud environment and help you consume, protect, and connect your clouds in the best possible manner to derive maximum benefits from them.

To make the best use of Cisco services, you need to have a team of individuals with Cisco training and certification such as CCNA and CCNP. Cisco offers a variety of tools and services to help you manage your clouds and in order to make the best use of them, you need to have qualified individuals in your team with Cisco certification. Whether you hire staff with Cisco training or you invest in getting them trained, at the end of the day it will be an investment that will help you grow your business in the long run.

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